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Welcome to the internet home of Camp Friendship China!
Watch the video about Camp Friendship which aired on WMBC July 18, 2008

Click to enlarge Camp Friendship China was founded in 2007 by the parents of Chinese-born adopted children, and had a very successful inaugural year at camp in 2008. Camp is organized and run by those same volunteer parents because they believe that such an experience would enhance their children's self-esteem while building a sense of national pride in their heritage and its traditions.

Click to enlargeCamp Friendship China is a one-week day camp for Chinese-born adoptees and their siblings entering grades k through eighth. Camp takes place during the fourth week of July and is held at the Shrine of St. Joseph in Stirling, NJ, which is approximately 40 minutes from New York City.

Click to enlargeIn Camp Friendship's first year, we had nearly 50 campers! With the energy and excitement from that wonderful beginning, annual enrollment has doubled, and we're certain that the camp will continue to grow and flourish. The camp's success stems from raising the children's awareness of their Chinese culture, heritage and traditions through fun and engaging activities, including language, art, music, dance, folklore and cooking, thereby enhancing their self-image and national pride. Most of our instructors are from the Chinese-American community.

Click to enlargeCamp ends each year with a traditional Chinese banquet for our campers, instructors, volunteers and selected guests. Following the luncheon, the children put on a short performance for their families and all attendees demonstrating what they've learned during the week. Each grade is involved in a part of the performance. We encourage the children to dress up in traditional Chinese attire for the show.

If you think you might like to help us plan or organize, offer your services to teach a subject at camp, or if you just have a question for us, contact us at Camp Friendship China.

 Nothing currently scheduled.

"Just want you to know how much our daughter enjoyed Camp! She was in the Kindergarten group. She love every day and can't wait to come back. She has talked more about China and asked more questions about it than she ever has and I was happy to answer all her questions...including when she could go visit China. Thanks for a wonderful camp."
Nancy L ., Peapack, NJ

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