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Camp Resources

  Do We Need a Therapist?* (3mb)
Article from Adoptive Families magazine
  Helping Classmates Understand Adoption* (2mb)
Article from Adoptive Families
  Heritage Trip Count Down* (2mb)
A time line for those going on a Heritage Trip.
  How to Emotionally Prepare your Child for a Birthcountry Visit* (3mb)
By Rebecca I. Nelson. Advice to prepare your child for a heritage trip
  Is That Your Real Sister?* (4mb)
Article by Barbara Meltz on how to handle intrusive questions
  Is Your Child Ready for School?* (5mb)
Article by Carol Rogers on how will adoptees respond to adoption questions
  Living in Two Cultures* (3mb)
by Lee Xu. Compares Chinese culture to US culture.
  Nature and Nurture: A New Look at How Families Work* (3mb)
An article by Susan Freivalds reveals that children adopted into families fare as well as those born into them
  Projects to Prepare for a Homeland Trip* (3mb)
by Iris Culp. Ideas for projects to do before going on heritage trip
  Tackling Tricky Assignments* (3mb)
Article from Adoptive Families magazine
  Talking to Your Six- to Eight- Year- Old about Adoption* (3mb)
Article by Susan Saidman from Adoptive Families.
  Talking to Your Three- to Five- year-Old About Adoption* (3mb)
An article from Adoptive Families magazine
  Top 10 Questions for Orphanage Visits* (4mb)
  Chinese Recipe for Scallion Pancake* (676.5kb)
  Chinese recipe for Sizzling Rice Soup* (788.6kb)
  Chinese recipe for Vegetable Fried Rice* (1mb)
  Chinese recipe for Vegetable Lo Mein* (1mb)
  Chinese Recipes* (2mb)
Some recipes of the dishes that the campers made during camp.

* requires Acrobat Reader. If not already on your computer, you will have to click here to download.


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