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At Camp Friendship, our mission is to enhance our children’s appreciation of their Korean heritage by exposing them to various mediums related to Korea. The children are placed in age groups based on the grade they will be entering in the fall. Each group travels to the various activities for a thirty-minute class each day. Here is a description of these classes:

Tae Kwon Do
Breaking boards, kicks, proper stance and respect for the master. You will be surprised at what even the youngest camper can learn.
Familiar children’s songs are learned in Korean, Korean folk songs are also learned.
Brush Painting
Children learn the mastery of brush strokes under the accomplished tutelage of Mrs. Maria Bae and her daughter, Sophia Bae. Children will learn how to write their names in hangul, how to form basic brush strokes and basic art forms made with brush stroke.
Numbers, body parts, simple phrases are all included in beginning language class. Older children will also interact and learn some fun phrases to try on their friends and family. “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” is always a favorite of the younger kids.
Children will explore the various Korean folktales through Korean books and literature. Korean heritage is discussed including Korean flag, national flower, foods, etc.
Traditional Korean dance including use of fans.
Make a name bracelet with your Korean name, make and play your own yut game, make a kite, an origami crane, a dragon puppet and much, much more! These are some of the many ways we have explored our Korean heritage in art class.
Did you know Korean music has five beats in lieu of the traditional 4 beats learned here in America? Campers will quickly learn basic drumming techniques and will get to try various types of Korean drums including: changgo (hourglass drum), puk (basket drum), small sogo drums as well as large and small gongs.

Friday Closing Program

The children have learned so much in the week that just flew by! After a traditional Korean luncheon for our campers, instructors, volunteers and selected guests, it is now time to demonstrate our new talents for our friends and family in the closing ceremony. Each group participates in the closing program. Performances include language, song, dance, tae Kwan do demonstrations and drumming. Many children dress in hanboks (traditional Korean costume) for the performances. If your child comes to camp, you will not want to miss this program!


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