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Camp Friendship China Activities

At Camp Friendship China, our mission is to enhance our children’s appreciation of their Chinese heritage by exposing them to various mediums related to China. The children are placed in age groups based on the grade they will be entering in the fall. Each group rotates through all the various activities for approximately forty-minute classes each day. Here is a description of these classes:

Familiar children’s songs are learned in Chinese. Chinese folk songs are also learned.
Numbers, body parts, simple phrases are all included in beginning language class. Older children will also interact and learn some fun phrases to try on their friends and family. “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” is always a favorite of the younger kids.
Martial Arts
The Wushu Kung Fu Fitness Center provides Martial Arts instruction for our children. For children in their formative years, self-discipline is important and by implementing rules, details, and repetition, martial arts is a fantastic way to improve the learning process while having a great time! Martial arts allows the children to develop strength, balance, agility, stamina, confidence, flexibility and improve coordination, as well as improve focus. The Wushu Kung Fu Fitness Center brings the excitement of martial arts to Camp Friendship China. Visit their website to learn more
Traditional Chinese dance including use of fans and ribbons. Chinese umbrella dance has also been taught in combination with music..
Make a name bracelet with your Chinese name, make a lantern, a Chinese scroll, an origami crane, a dragon puppet and much, much more! These are some of the many ways we have explored our Chinese heritage in art class.
From lo mein to spring rolls, fried rice to dessert sushi, the children enjoy learning to cook Chinese. Best part about cooking is the tasting!

Friday Closing Program

The children have learned so much in the week that just flew by! After a traditional Chinese luncheon for our campers, instructors, volunteers and selected guests, it is now time to demonstrate our new talents for our friends and family in the closing ceremony. Each group participates in the closing program. Performances include language, song and dance. Many children dress in traditional Chinese attire for the performances. If your child comes to camp, you will not want to miss this program!


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